Capabilities of Health Practitioners

How do you know you've found a good chiropractor? Naturopath? Aromatherapist? or massage therapist? Really know?

Feeling comfortable in their presence will undoubtedly be a clue for you. How can you guage how effective they are in their area of expertise?

How will you recognize a solid business practice...
...and see one that may be fly-by-night?

There are clues.

I've broken down a health practitioner's capabilities into four areas of expertise.

Your task: consider each area and rank them in order of importance to you and to your health.

Ask yourself, "What are my Priorities?" After each one, I've listed some sample questions to ask the practitioner.

Four Critical Areas


  • perform treatment
  • formulate an appropriate prescription
  • develop individualized treatment plan

Sample questions: How many patients have you had? How are you licensed/certified/educated? Years of experience?


  • communicate effectively with patients, fellow workers and other health professionals
  • refer patients to medical and other allied health professionals

Sample questions: How do potential clients find you? How much of an interview/questionnaire do you ask of new patients? In your opinion, what important factors should patients look for in a practitioner?


  • practice within regulatory/ethical/safety frameworks
  • remain financially viable
  • educate consumers about therapy in order to promote sustainability
  • learn through experience (reflective learning)
  • participate to continue to learn (lifelong learning)

Sample questions: How long are interviews/treatments/consultations? Frequency? How do you bill? How can clients contact you to follow-up?


  • critically review research publications relevant to their specialty
  • keep up-to-date with research

Sample questions: What are the benefits? risks? How does it compare to traditional interventions? What (if any) standards are used to measure effectiveness of treatment?

I was amazed and pleased to see the electro-magnetic rendering of my spine with its imbalances shown in red or green colored bars of varying lengths.

An objective measure!

This is standard procedure during intake of new patients by my chiropractor, Darren Hart. To see the interview of my Chiropractor Assistant, watch Liv's video.

You Decide

When it comes to caring for your body, you'll know what the most important considerations are. Feel free to ask MANY questions. I've found that homeopaths, massage therapists and chiropractors--to name a few--endure this long process with good patience.

Alternate medicine health information is available for you. You have questions, maybe even reservations. These practitioners know that and expect the process to take a while. Take your time....and you'll find alternative health practitioners that work for you!

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