Such a perfect fit: Women's Health and Alternative Medicine

Women's bodies offer unique challenges--constantly changing over the course of our lives....
...and we as women are uniquely able to get help. That's one of our greatest strengths, I'd say. We often ask for help from others. Enthusiastically ask. Actively ask!

This makes alternatives to traditional medicine a perfect fit for us women.

We're open to new ideas.

To outsourcing.

To thinking creatively.

To learning from the experiences of others.

That's the way the information is arranged here for you. Read, view, listen to others on the road they have travelled, and glean something valuable for your own health quest!

And, if you're interested in supplementing your diet (I hope it's a healthy one already!) with vitamins especially for a woman's unique needs, here's one I recommend: shortcut to daily women's vitamins.

Even the way a woman's body reacts to heart disease differs from a man's symptoms. Follow this link for more on women's heart health.

As you may already know, women's life expectancy is longer than men's. 5.4 years, at this point in time. Find out more on women's longevity by reading Dr. Ingrid Waldron's research conclusions here.

Estrogen: it's Good for the Heart
This naturally-produced hormone protects premenopausal women from atherosclerosis.

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Interested in nutrition for your bones? Click on the photo above to open that page on this site!

Finding the Best help for You

Women's bodies are complex, beautiful and mysterious, are they not? We have our own repertoire of health issues--menopause, insomnia, stress, migraines, weight gain, depression, loss of bone density.

Quite a lot of potential problems, eh? But don't lose heart.

According to the National Institutes of Health, there are nearly 600 different modalities (types) of alternative health available to us! (And NIH should know; they created the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine--NCCAM--to find out what works and what doesn't.)

With so much research available, here's just a small list to get you started....

Hot flashes troubling you? Flax seed seems to be effective! Follow this link--flax for menopausal hot flashes.

If migraine or tension-type headaches trouble you, please view our tips and tools on the Migraine page.

Here's help for those who are pre-menopausal: Women's health book review: How to Relieve Cramps and Other Menstrual Problems

Conclusion: Our 8-cylinder Engine

Now, I'm not a car enthusiast....
...but I do understand that an 8-cylinder engine would have less wear and tear than a 6-cylinder one, all things being equal.

Women have 8-cylinder engines. How? Our internal organs are larger in proportion to our bodies than the same organs in men. What good news! Over the long run, a woman's heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, and digestive system suffer less wear than a man's would.

A simple biological difference. Another way we are unique. And, perhaps, another reason for the longevity Dr. Waldron found.

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