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By the time this site had grown past 30 pages,
I began to get lost...

on my own site! whoops. Guess this "Health Hound" was just too curious.

Time for a site map. Each heading corresponds to a navigation button on the left-hand bar, and since I've newly learned some useful "html" (which means how to talk to a computer to get it to do what you want, but still not altogether sure what it stands for)...

...anyway, the underlined page titles all along the site map itself will move you directly to the named page. Happy hunting for healthy solutions!

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Here's where you find out who this "Health Hound" is and how this site came to be.

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Purpose: information and education.

And there you have it! Hope the site map and its linking text was useful to you. Happy, successful searching from the "Health Hound."

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