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Alternative Therapies for Trauma Victims; Research by Univ. of Maryland Med Cntr

Shock Trauma Center's doctors, nurses and researchers test three alternative therapies for pain management: reiki, acupuncture and music therapy.

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Visiting a Massage Therapist: What you can Expect

Massage therapist visit--what to expect; options you have; cost range.

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A Global Perspective on Alternative and Complementary Medicine

A Global Perspective: alternative health practices and attitudes around the world.

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Acupuncture for Beginners

Get started on understanding acupuncture. Read a thumbnail sketch of what it is, who studies it, what symptoms and dysfunctions it's effective in treating. Photograph of the process.

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Qigong form of T'ai Chi Benefits Seniors

How practicing the Qigong form of T'ai Chi can complement your exercise routine, increase flexibility, relieve pain and gently bring you health benefits.

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Therapy to Benefits updated

Therapy list with their health benefits. The Health Hound updates this cross-reference as new connections are discovered.

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3 tips for Heart Health

Your heart will benefit from these simple three health tips; article from Creative Commons, March 2009.

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Keep the Faith about Healthy Alternatives

I believe in both homeopath and allopath medicine. This is because I’ve had my share of good and bad experiences with both. The conclusion I have come

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Dr. Weil and Complementary Medicine

Health pioneer Dr. Weil applies his botany degree to alternative complementary health medicine to discover how to be healthy through what you eat and how you move.

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