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Life-long learner,
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--I'm all those things. Read on to learn more about me.

I'm Pamela--also known as the "Health Hound"--because I'm forever sniffing out new information about alternative health.

My interest began back in 1985, when we'd just moved to a new town. At a Farmer's Market, the local chiropractor was offering free spinal "adjustments." Well, I needed something; I'd suffered from chronic low back pain throughout my entire adult life, since traveling on the road with a drama company for four years in my early 20's.

As it turned out, I found these adjustments helpful, and began having my spine straightened on a regular basis. It was particularly useful during my pregnancy with our third child in 1988.

(If you've been pregnant, you know what a pain in the back that can be!)

Then, I came across the book Everybody's Guide to Homeopathy and bought the starter kit. The principles of healing one's body from inside, bringing it into balance on a holistic level, instead of treating (or suppressing) symptoms, was very appealing! I began to "take cases" for myself and our three children.

For constitutional homeopathic treatment, I sought out a professional, licensed homeopath, Louise Woehl. She treats me once a year for my seasonal allergies to pollen.

Early in 2000, I took a Tai Chi class led by Kenneth Glynn through our city's Park and Recreation department. Wow--that slow-moving, dance-like art was a surprising workout! At close to 40 years of age, I was by far the youngest student, too, so I saw the usefulness of this practice. Here was a workout to keep doing long into a healthy old age.

For our anniversary, my husband gave me a 6-pack of gift certificates for a full body massage! (Thanks, honey!) So, I've added this therapy into the things I've tried. Over the years, I've had full body massages from 4 different practitioners, and chair massages from 3 different therapists. This gives lots of information for comparing styles and technique.

On a vacation to New England, I ran across an article on practicing yoga, and added this to my daily exercise....

...and have since had four different teachers over the years. Again, styles vary:

  • young, athletic Jenna led a quiet, intense workout, with little speaking, and names of poses only in the original language, things sounding like "shavasana," "chattarunga," etc.
  • older, raucous Lisette laughed and joked through our hour together, so even beginners need not felt intimidated. Lisette also shares the her 30 years of practicing yoga has added an inch to her standing height!
  • my third teacher, whose name I can't recall, gave several ways to modify poses, either to make them easier or more challenging; she also advertised aggressively for the new yoga studio opening up across town, where she would be teaching, since she was filling in at our gym just temporarily...
  • my-aged Karen is calm and knowledgeable, working each class to remember everyone's name; she almost always leaves a space for anyone to request work on a specific part of the body before the final relaxation pose.

Turns out that for me, yoga is the most effective means of eliminating my chronic low back pain, and reducing the stress in my daily life.

Why a website?

Well, I found myself standing in the store, the schoolyard, or the parking lot, sharing my experiences with my friends. The more I learned and experienced, the more I had to share! I was able to reduce someone's apprehension about trying something by sharing what it was like for me.

So, here I am, sniffing out information about all things healthy in the alternative and complementary arena!

Let me know what you'd like to know more about by using the contact form below here.


To your health~

the Health Hound

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