Videos for Visual Learners

Why videos? If you're like me, you're a visual learner. "Draw me a picture" is the simplest and most pleasurable way to learn new information. Info in pictures; data on a chart; statistics by line drawing...

...I love all of that! So, for all you spatial and visual learners out there, here's a page that connects to all the visual demonstrations and interviews currently on the site.

Added bonus: I've put the run-time for each with its description. I always like to know how long before committing to watch.

You'll see two different types:

How-To (or Demonstration) Videos

Found on You Tube, these show how alternative health looks. Hundreds of these compete for your attention online. After scanning a few dozen, I've hand-selected the following ones for you:

Qigong videos

Master Bakari Alexander in the first one demonstrates Five organ Spirit Enlivening form, from the Lao (old style) Yang Qi Gong. Mr. Alexander shows proper posture and breathing while moving smoothly through the form. Background music from Nigeria features singer Lemine Kante from Senegal, West Africa. The CD is "Kora De Senagal." Run time is length 30" introduction, with almost 2 minutes of movement afterwards.

In the second example, a husband-and-wife team show you several stress-relieving T'ai Chi movements in a 3 1/2 minute "teaser." Daisy and Gary take turns narrating over quiet background music. I especially like to see different body types modeling the same movements.

Qigong-movements-health-Tai Chi-video-alternative

Tai Chi Video

Sifu (Kung Fu teacher) Wing Lam shows here the first part of Yang style Tai Chi. In the 91-second video, Mr. Lam demonstrates balance and proper posture, distinct and relaxed movement as he flows in and out of specific postures.

breathing for Yoga

Breathing for yoga is much deeper than your average, normal, lift-the-shoulders-quickly-and-sigh breathing most of us do without thinking! Our faithful, hard-working diaphraghm (that flat muscle below your lungs) works without our thinking about it. In yoga, you actually take conscious control of that muscle and control your breath.

Watch one man and two women on this 4 1/2 minute sample do just that. Sasha's narration underlies the video in a charming New Zealand accent. Poses to view in this example:

  • shavasana ("corpse" pose)
  • mountain pose
  • chair pose
  • forward fold
  • plank

To see the map on Reflexology and hear how it relates to the entire body, watch the video on our newest page: Reflexology.


Feldenkrais movement demonstration

For 47 seconds, you'll see three women of various ages moving through a series of postures together smoothly and with coordination. It also includes links to other examples showing the Feldenkrais method of movement, if you want to watch more, and a website reference.

And, the background music is pretty cool, too.

Recently, the Health Hound opened a poll of what you'd like to see added to Healthy Alternative Solutions. In response to one viewer across the Atlantic Ocean, I've researched another therapy and found videos that show it being demonstrated. In Reflexology video, Karen Frasier shows the map that practitioners use to guide their pressure on the sole of the foot to address an individual's health concern. Run time is about 1 1/2 minutes, with no background music.

To see an actual session in action--and a more advanced technique called "thumb sliding," view Ronald Leibel at Visiting a Reflexologist. Run time is about 3 minutes, music only during the intro.


Videos of Practitioners

You'll notice right away that these are handmade... myself with help from my friends. Very low-tech, but a good way to get info that's helpful in your search for more information about alternative health practitioners!

Each practitioner answers the 5 Key Questions:

  • How did you get into this field?
  • For what reasons do people seek this care?
  • For what medical conditions have you seen it be effective?
    Please give an example, a for-instance, or a story.
  • Where would it be useful that people might overlook?
  • Do you have some final words for someone who may be considering this alternative therapy but aren't yet decided?

First interview shows massage therapist Anne Sensibaugh answering the Five Key Questions. Click on Anne's photo above to go directly to that specific page.

The second one shows my interview with chiropractic assistant, Liv Hansen. Mrs. Hansen answers the 5 Key Questions as they relate to chiropractic medicine. Run time is 3 minutes 44 seconds...and that's because we kept cracking up, and starting over, which had to be edited out, or course.

Chiropractic Assistant Interview

And more to Follow...

I keep doing research, so more of these treats for visual learners will be posted for you on Healthy Alternative Solutions. By the way, let me know which practitioners you'd like me to interview next by using the Contact Us page!

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