Keep the Faith about Healthy Alternatives

I believe in both homeopath and allopath medicine. This is because I’ve had my share of good and bad experiences with both. The conclusion I have come to is that homeopathy medicine works best when three things are kept in mind.

1. Faith is very important in homeopathy treatment. If you take your medicine on time, religiously with a strong determination that it will heal you, it almost invariably does so.

2. Secondly, homeopath medicines work slowly. This means you need patience and can only treat those illnesses or health problems that are not causing acute pain or problems and require emergency treatment. For those you have to go to a hospital.

3. I also believe that if an illness or disease has spread too much and is in its last and final stages, then one should avoid visiting a alternative health doctor. The disease will rarely be controlled and instead, the pain and suffering will increase once the allopath medication is discontinued.

All these facts listed above come from personal experience. Problems like eczema, kidney stones, indigestion, hypertension, obesity, cholesterol, acid reflux, arthritis are usually treated well with natural medication. Treatment is slow but, it works. I’ve had some of these problems myself and other family members have been treated for these. It works.

On the other hand, diseases like cancer, cardio problems, liver cirrhosis, and hepatitis are best left to hospitals. These require strict monitoring, expensive tests, X-rays and ultrasounds, and intravenous medication. Also, time is of dire importance in these scenarios and must be taken into account.

Therefore, I deeply believe that one should see the nature and stage of the illness, age and condition of the patient before making a decision for treatment. Every individual is different and so is their threshold for pain and boy response to medication.

In the end, God is the best doctor there is and He heals us all. You just have to keep the faith in your alternative health practitioner.

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