A Massage Therapist answers
the Five Key Questions


I asked my massage therapist Anne Sensibaugh five key questions about about the benefits and effects of this body therapy. The questions--which I'm putting to each of the practitioners I interview--are as follows:

  • How did you get into this field?

  • What are the reasons people come for this treatment?

  • Are there some surprise or unknown results that people get from a visit to a masseuse or masseur?

  • Please give an example of someone who has benefitted.

  • Do you have some final words for someone considering this therapy, but not yet decided?

Here are Anne's answers on a YouTube video:

Quotes from Anne's Interview:

"Clothing is an issue."

"Do what feels comfortable for you."

"Try it: you won't be disappointed!"

Detailed description of a visit to a massage therapist.

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