For Psoriasis: Complementary Medicine to the Rescue!

What psoriasis is: a chronic disease of the skin which inflames not only your skin but sometimes joints, too. It looks like red, scaly patches on the skin, often affects the face and hands, and can keep flaring up.

Common triggers include:

  • allergic reactions
  • an infection
  • trauma
  • stress

What it isn't: contagious. You won't catch it from someone else.

Actually, it develops from a glitch in the body's immune system, which causes the body to attack healthy cells and tissues as if they were diseased. When these attacks are repeated, there is inflammation and excessive skin production.

To Consider Trying:

Since the triggers are known, finding complementary medicine or natural cures to deal with attacks are available. Consider the following:

  • yoga or progressive relaxation (stress reducers)
  • omega 3 fatty acids (amount: 4g per day)
  • avoiding sunburn (but DO try to get 20 minutes or more of sun exposure so your body makes its own vitamin D)
  • Vitamin B, including B12
  • Vitamin C (500mg)
  • vitamin D, also is highly recommended by the experts
  • fresh berries--black, red, blue, etc. (These contain anti-inflammatories.)
  • berries, flash-frozen
  • skin-rash-psoriasis-beauty-woman-knees-calves

    And research yourself!

    Watch for any allergic reactions to food such as dairy, wheat, corn, shellfish, etc. If you find these trigger a psoriasis outbreak, you have a clue to take to your physician.

    Speaking of physicians, you may also request a C-reactive protein test; this test measures the amount of inflammation you have in your body to start with.

    For an interview by CNN with Dr. Matthew Avram, open this window.

    Dr. Avram is director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Dermatology Laser and Cosmetics Center. When I read this interview, I learned that your hair can also be affected, and the rash often is covered by silver scales.

    No Remedy works for Everyone

    Some sufferers of psoriasis swore by a cream, some by altering their diet, some are still searching for relief. I offer the natural remedies above to you to give you more things to try. I wish you success on your search!

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