Aromatherapy to Aid Travelers!

These recipes give tips for common travel issues I like to call "Travel Aromatherapy." Since the essential oils are applied topically or inhaled, they work safely with the body, making them ideal for self-care when out of town.

Exposure to extra sunshine poses a frequent threat.

Aromatherapy works effectively in more than one way. The following treatments for sunburn include topical application and a soothing bath.

Lavender Sunburn Treatments

For a small burned area, apply the oil neat and repeat as necessary. Use a clean gauze pad, or silky fabric. Lavender is excellent for treating all kinds of burns, by the way.

Cooling Bath
20 drops lavender oil
bath-tub of cool water
Soak for 10-20 minutes.

Soothing spray:
10 drops of lavender oil
1 pint (300 ml) of cool, clean water (Mineral water is ideal.)
Shake gently to mix; spray onto tender skin.

Natural Healing for Sunstroke

Cooling Bath
4 drops juniper
4 drops fennel
4 drops peppermint oil
bath-tub of cool water
Soak 15 minutes. Next, rub a little neat lavender oil into his or her temples at regular intervals. The bath helps reduce body temperature while the lavender oil helps the headache.

Remember to keep your patient topped up
with water during this process.

Natural Remedies for Insect Problems

Flying and biting insects often plague an otherwise pleasant outing. Try the repellant first, and the lavender treatment afterward, if needed.

Insect Repellant
10 drops of geranium oil
10 drops of eucalyptus oil
4 fl oz (100 ml) of a carrier oil (grapeseed, almond, etc.)
Dab onto the areas most likely to be bitten. (I've found ankles are a favorite!) You can also burn the oils neat in your room at night, if permitted, to ward off biting insects.

Treatment for bites and stings
Rub neat lavender oil into areas affected by bites or sings. Reapply every few minutes until the pain or itching stops.

Additional Travel Treatments

For small cuts, apply neat lavender or tea tree oil to the cut. These are both antiseptic and don't sting.

If dry or cracked lips are the issue, here's an effective treatment:
Liquid Love for Lips
2 oz. (50 ml) apricot kernel oil
2 oz. (50 ml) avocado oil
6 drops sandalwood oil
6 drops of rose oil
Rub into the lips, repeating regularly as needed.

If vomiting becomes an issue, try the following:
4 drops of lemon oil
4 drops of fennel
4 drops of peppermint
4 oz. (100 ml) of a carrier oil
Massage into the abdomen and solar plexus as needed.

Finally, diarrhea ruins many a trip abroad. Two methods of delivery may be used for the following recipe:
Anti-run Serum
6 drops of lavender
3 drops of neroli
3 drops of lavender oil
4 oz. (100 ml) carrier oil
Rub very gently into lower abdomen and solar plexus areas......or try adding to a bath to ease stomach cramps.

Healthy Living tips for Smart Travelers

Maximize your success by storing the essential oils properly: tight-fitting lids, dark glass bottles, room temperature. It's also a good idea to do a patch test for skin reaction before you count on using a specific holistic remedy. Rub a little of the mixture into your skin--inner arm, or ear if you won't want others to see--wait 24 hours for any itching, discoloration or response.

Enjoy these recipes--and Bon Voyage!

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