How Good is Vitamin B?

Vitamin B--in its many forms--benefits the body in essential ways.

Think of the B vitamins as superheroes for the body, or executive managers. In a single day, they accomplish the following:

  • break down fat, carbohydrates and proteins (B3--Niacin)
  • support normal enzyme production (B3, and B2--Riboflavin)
  • promote heart health (B1--Thiamine)
  • regulate nervous and digestive systems (B6--Pyridoxine)
  • produce red blood cells (also B6)
  • benefit hair, skin and nails (biotin)
  • prevent birth defects, (folic acid) and, possibly
  • prevent inflammation.(also folic acid)

Sounds great, doesn't it? The down side: these essential Bs are water soluble, so you must constantly be bringing it into the body, because it gets used up or washed out. (Like Vitamin C, in that respect!)

Get some from your diet through brewer’s yeast, soy beans, organ meats, vegetables, some dairy products, fish, and poultry.


Not just B12 Alone

With all the energy drinks flooding the market, it's important to know that the body needs more than B12--which it cannot make for itself. Niacin, Riboflavin, folic acid--they all work together for optimum health.

Some people call B12 the "anti-stress" vitamin...

...or, the "energy vitamin."

You've probably read some energy drink labels--large amounts of caffeine, sugars and B vitamins, right? You might also find herb mixtures including ginseng and other amino acids.

Are these the answer to quick energy? Actually, no.

Caffeine and sugar bring a quick high--as you have no doubt experienced--then a crash. Also on the down side: the body has a hard time absorbing B12, since the atoms are too large and complex for easy absorption. That's why a broad and nutritious diet is the best source.


Those who risk under-nourishment in this area include vegetarians--especially vegans--and elderly adults, since ability to absorb this family of nutrients declines with age.

Feel free to take a complete B supplement; then, incorporate the foods found above into your diet as much as possible. The most easily absorbed and organically produced supplements I've found are at a colleague's site.

To try it yourself, follow this link!

Healthy eating--and healthy aging--to you!

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